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Have Your Say on the Australian Labor Party policy on Australian aid


The Australian Labor Party is consulting the public on its draft national platform. The platform includes a section on Australian aid and international development.  Submissions to the Draft National Platform are invited from individuals and organisations and must be received by 29 May 2015.

You can submit online here:

It would be helpful if you could let us know if you’ve submitted so that we can keep a tally.  E-mail

Possible points for your submission:

  1. We commend Labor for having a comprehensive policy on Australian aid and international development.
  2. We commend Labor for its recognition that the fundamental purpose of Australian aid is to reduce poverty and inequality, promoting sustainable development and protecting human rights.
  3. We commend Labor for its support of the Sustainable Development Goals and urge Labor to actively promote the implementation and financing of the Goals.
  4. We urge Labor to commit to achieving a funding target for the aid program of 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2030, commensurate with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. We urge Labor to make a more specific short-term commitment to restore the Australian aid budget to $5.5 billion during the life of the next parliament (2016-2019).
  6. We encourage Labor in Government to ensure Australian aid focuses on where there is greatest need, particularly in our greater region and where our aid can make the most difference.
  7. We encourage Labor in Government to ensure our aid program reduces inequality by targeting the poorest 40 percent of people in developing countries – including disadvantaged groups such as women and girls, people with a disability, indigenous peoples and other marginalised groups.
  8. We encourage Labor in Government to commit to:
    • Establishing an independent Office of Development Effectiveness to evaluate the effectiveness of Australia’s aid program
    • Providing a mechanism for reporting to parliament on:
      • the achievement of the purpose of the aid program
      • the effectiveness of the program
      • progress towards reaching the target for size of the aid program
      • any reduction in the aid program from the previous year’s budget.
    • Publishing an ODA Budget Statement covering country and thematic aid allocations annually with the May Federal Budget.

Full document is here.  Australian Aid section is from page 209.

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