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Help put a billboard outside Joe Hockey’s office



The Government is on the brink of announcing a third cut to Australian aid in its first term.

We’re concerned the Government hasn’t yet got the message so we’re going to take the message direct to the Treasurer. Australians don’t want aid cut.

If we can raise $3500 together, we can park a mobile billboard right outside the Treasurer’s office with a clear message: Enough is Enough – Don’t Cut Aid.

Can you support us today to help take the message direct to Joe Hockey?

More than 20% of budget savings have already come from the aid program, which is only 1.3% of the federal budget. Further cuts to aid will hurt the world’s most promising people.

dontcutaid1As Australians, we’re proud of the work we do with communities across our region and the world to reduce poverty and to create a fairer world.

Last year the Australian aid program enabled over 1.3 million more children to enrol in school, built more than 9,000 new classrooms, and trained over 100,000 teachers.

Cuts to Australian aid mean these kinds of programmes will be downsized or cut.

Support us right now to ensure the Treasurer gets the message.

Thank you for taking action today.

Warm regards,

Tony Milne
Executive Officer
Make Poverty History

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