make poverty history

This Christmas – make a difference

Make Poverty History supporters sang carols in Perth and delivered a Xmas card signed by 2,700 people to the Minister for Finance Mathias Cormann urging him not to cut aid – but all in vain.

Save aid this Xmas

Australian aid has now sunk to its lowest levels on record with the government slashing aid by $3.7 billion, increasing the total cuts in just over a year to more than $11 billion.

This money could have provided more than 1.5 million infants with life-saving vaccinations, more than 800,000 children with an education, more than 1.8 million people with clean water, more than 500,000 mothers with safe births, and more than 8 million people fleeing conflict roofs over their heads and life saving assistance.

At the present time things look bad but we are not giving up. We have started the campaign for Australian Aid and we are calling all concerned citizens to get a on board and rebuild the movement to get Australia back on track to giving its fair share.

Click here to join the campaign.

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