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Youth voters oppose cuts to Australian aid


Lowy Institute today released a poll that Politicians ignore at their own peril as they head towards the next election. It reveals some news that might make the Government nervous – a significant 42 per cent of people aged 18-29 oppose cuts to the aid budget.

This finding echoes a Galaxy Poll conducted earlier this year by the Campaign for Australian Aid which showed a majority of Australians believe aid will be an important factor in their decision of how to vote at the next federal election.

A greater proportion of Gen Y respondents (63 per cent) said Australian aid will be an important voting issue in the upcoming Federal election.  43 per cent of Gen Y respondents also said the level of Australian aid should increase.

“These polls show that young Australians are global citizens who are concerned about Australia’s place in the world and the important role Australian aid plays in ending extreme poverty and building a fairer future for all”, said Tony Milne, Executive Officer of Make Poverty History.

“Young people want a bigger Australia not a smaller one. Australia’s future and a fairer world are interlinked. Australian aid is about partnering with our global neighbours to remove barriers to their development and create a brighter tomorrow for everyone.”

The $1bn cut to Australian aid this year made us the least generous we have ever been. A movement is building in the lead up to the federal election. Over 61,000 passionate Australians have already signed on to a campaign since it began in February.

The growing number of people defending aid will increase their campaigning efforts across the country in the lead up to polling day. Australian aid is about giving people living in poor communities a fair go because that’s what we do as Australians.


Media Contact:
Tony Milne – Phone: 0435 932 391

Campaign for Australian Aid is a joint initiative of the Make Poverty History and Micah Challenge coalitions for all Australians who believe we can and should do more as a nation to end extreme poverty around the world.

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